Download Page

CasP version 6.0  (March 2021),    ©2001-2021 freeware

The CasP program is freeware. It may be copied and distributed only along with all the additional resource files of this package and only without fee. There is no restriction on the number of copies and on the recipients.

Command line and jupyter notebook versions are also available. Please contact the P.L.G. for such a version.
Any publications, however, that make use of UCA or PCA results or other results of this program should be accompanied by proper references to the original work . A pure link to the download page is not a fair citation method.

The installation of this program requires:

a) a windows operating system (W9X, W-ME, W-NT, W2000, W-XP, W-Vista, Win7 or Win10)
b) installed RAM of > 16 MB
c) free disc space of > 5 MB
d) a Pentium or equivalent processor with a clock rate of > 1 GHz is recommended, especially for calculations involving heavy target atoms.

--> Download CasP <--

a) Store the file (file size: about 1.5 MByte) in a separate directory.
b) Unzip the contents.
c) Check the ReadMe file for recent information.
d) Simply start the program "casp.exe".
Please use the on-line help system to get in touch with the program (the help button starts a help system). Should you need additional information, please read the cited publications on the model.

Please keep in mind:
It is not allowed to modify the program, to disassemble the program (casp.exe), or to change the CasP resource files.