Text and numbers in the INFO box will turn red if a calculation is started. It indicates the current actions of the program

1. loading of the electron densities and preparation of arrays
2. the actual calculation of the impact-parameter dependence for each shell
3. the extrapolation of the calculated impact-parameter dependence
4. and finally the storage of the data.

If the screening option NONE is selected and USE OSCILLATOR STRENGTHS is not selected, the INFO box contains also the results of Bethe´s high-energy stopping formula for comparison purposes. This value may be used to check PCA results for bare ions at asymptotically high energies.

Should the program hang up during a calculation, please provide us with ALL input parameters that you have chosen and with a copy of the INFO box contents. Before you send us an e-mail (please use the subject “CasP problems” in the e-mail header), please make sure that you can reproduce the same action on another PC, which otherwise runs without problems. Furthermore, please notify us whether you could run the test cases. All these tests are important for us, since we definitely can NOT solve any problems with PC-hardware or with operating-system installation.