In order to access this option you should select the EXPERT OPTIONS sheet (close to the upper left corner of the main program window).

There is a possibility to calculate the stopping-power contribution due to projectile-electron loss (target induced projectile ionization and excitation). This option applies only to equilibrium stopping powers and it does not include the energy loss due to target ionization. Thus, one has to perform two separate calculations, one calculation for target ionization and another one for projectile ionization. At lower projectile energies, only the summed value should be compared to experimental results.

In order to select this option one

1st has to choose the screening option CHARGE-STATE SCAN (see screening options) and

2nd one has to check the CALCULATE E-LOSS checkbox (calculate electron loss) that appears directly below the radio buttons with the screening options.

For each projectile charge-state within the charge-state distribution the following actions are invoked

1. a projectile-screening function is computed
2. the corresponding bound-state energies of the projectile are computed
3. a single averaged oscillator-strength for each occupied bound projectile state is estimated
4. the energy loss for each projectile shell is computed using now the screened target potential as the perturbation

Since CasP version 3.2, this option is also valid for compounds.
Since CasP version 5.0 this option uses a kinematical suppression for the high-energy ejected electrons.
Since CasP version 5.2 this option in connection with the checkbox "Incl. Capture" includes electron capture for charge-exchange at charge-equilibrium conditions.