Input Parameters

The physical input parameters in the BASIC MODE are

(a) The projectile nuclear-charge number Z_p (the atomic number, with Z_p > 0). The Zp button may be used to select the type of projectile from a periodic table. The projectile charge state can be now  directly selected by pressing the button "Charge State".

(b) The projectile energy per nucleon (E_p/M_p in keV/u). Here 25 keV/u corresponds to a velocity of 1 atomic unit (1 a.u.) or 2.2E6 m/s. (α*c). In the current version of CasP, E_p/M_p should not exceed a few 200 MeV/u, because of neglected higher order relativistic effects.

(c) There are two ways to define the target system: either by selecting the target nuclear charge (Z_t) or by typing the chemical formula for the target.

(d) The mean target-ionization potential I_Bethe in eV, as it appears also in the Bethe formula. An estimate for this value is derived from Z_t and used as a default (this value is also used if the COMPOUND check-box is selected).

Furthermore, the name of the output file for the Q_e(b) results of all shells may be chosen within this mode.

If the option CREATE DEFAULT FILE NAME is selected, a file name is automatically created, dependent on the type of model (”u” for UCA and ”p” for PCA), on the actual screening function (”n” for NONE, and ”b”, ”s”, ”g”, ”m” for the others), and on the projectile energy. This option shall simplify the calculation of energy dependencies for Q_e(b). You may, however, overwrite this name after all physical input parameters have been selected.