Output Files

The impact-parameter results are also stored in an output file. The corresponding file name may be selected in the BASIC MODE sheet (selection of the BASIC MODE close to the upper left corner of the main program window).

The Q_e-output file contains a single line of numerical ASCII data for each impact parameter b. Every line consists of 3 (for H and He targets) up to 20 columns (for a U target). The first column is the impact parameter b in units of . All other columns are electronic energy transfers Q_e(b) in units of eV. They are given for each shell (1s, 2s, and so on) and the last column contains the total energy transfer (summed over all shells) for a specific impact parameter.

A second output file named casp.log is appended with the current input parameters and with the computed total stopping cross section (summed over all shells), each time a calculation is performed with CasP. This file can be evaluated if parameter dependencies such as energy or Z dependencies are computed.